AnnouncementsThe Odd-tober IssueOctoberís looking to be an ODD-TOBER, geddit geddit?
Women We LovePatricia MokIn person, one gets the sense that Patricia Mokís candidness, acerbic wit and larger-than-life character mask an unspoken, inner vulnerability. So will the real Miss Mok please stand up?
FeaturesThe Great Shark HuntA bowl of sharks fin. A dash of vinegar and pepper. Savour the controversy.
Funny Jokes from Beautiful WomenPoojaa GillFrom benchwarmer to front liner. Poojaa is on her way.
What Iíve LearnedRodney SeowWhat was it like at the Singapore Grand Prix back in his days.


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Thirstday: Lunch with Tomonobu Mitobe

We sat down for a taste of the Japanese sake culture with the 5th generation of Mitobe Brewery. Gempai! Read more