AnnouncementsThe Form and Function IssueIn an attempt to diminish the quotation marks lingering above the face of art, we stumble uponóin various formsóits function. Art, man! Art.
Women We LoveSonia CoulingFar from fading into obscurity after the heyday of VJs ended in the early noughties, she is balls in the show business.
What Iíve LearnedLewis HamiltonLewis Hamilton takes around the twist and turns of his life: his childhood, his ironic take on time and his winning formula.
Funny Jokes from Beautiful WomenKristina PakhomovaKristina Pakhomova on Russia's beauty. And her bonus joke, of course.
FeaturesThe Waste of Our TimeHalf drunk coffees, unread flyers and that car that you scrapped some time back. Where does it all go and how much of it is really recycled?

Jessica Henwick Reveals Her Death

Jessica Henwick, who played Nymeria Sand from HBOís Game of Thrones was in town recently to promote the seasonís finale. We got to talk with her about the state of women, how she treat her fans andósorry for the clickbait-ish title but itís somewhat trueó Read more

The new ambassador

Eddie Redmayne is named the new Ambassador for Omega and an official party was held in Quaglino's Mayfair in London to celebrate the occasion. Read more