AnnouncementsThe Re-Do IssueIt’s time to dig out those dusty resolutions and pledge them again, with our Re-Do Issue.
Funny Jokes from Beautiful WomenKristina PakhomovaKristina Pakhomova on Russia's beauty. And her bonus joke, of course.
FeaturesThe Waste of Our TimeHalf drunk coffees, unread flyers and that car that you scrapped some time back. Where does it all go and how much of it is really recycled?
Women We LoveLiv LoEntrepreneur, yoga ambassador, model, actress, smoking-hot woman – which description gets your attention more?
ManualTea Drinking 101Stick it to the coffee connoisseurs with our handy guide to tea drinking.

Lucas Ossendrijver's Style Rules

As Lanvin celebrates 126 years in the industry, Lucas Ossendrijver, creative director for Lanvin’s menswear division since 2006, shares some of his fashion wisdom to keep us on the stylish straight and narrow. Read more

The latest marvels of Cartier 2015

For more than a century, Cartier has wowed us with its mastery and creativity in the art of watchmaking. Here, we present the latest marvels of 2015 as seen in an exclusive preview in Neuchatel. Read more

Rotonde de Cartier: Reversed Tourbillon

The best of maison has been deployed in the Cartier Reversed Tourbillon; a timeless shape, finely crafted and perfectly executed. Read more

Singapore Cocktail Week 2015

Come March, we'll be in for a treat at the inaugural cocktail week. Read more

The Straight Shooter: Xie Hui

Xie Hui claims to be excellent at “stoning”, but we think his skills in cutting, sewing and crafting are better. Read more