AnnouncementsThe Liquid Asset IssueTime to wrap up the year the Esquire way, with the Liquid Assets issue.
Funny Jokes from Beautiful WomenVivienne TsengPlanned or not, Vivienne's sure to get through it any way. She's got a really good tip for you too.
ManualTea Drinking 101Stick it to the coffee connoisseurs with our handy guide to tea drinking.
What I’ve LearnedRoyston TanOn family, censorship, and the National Day Parade. Here are 7 quotes from our chat with Royston.
ManualThe Esquire Guide to Men's CancerWhether or not you’re planning to rock a magnificent moustache to help spread the word, November is all about men’s health.

Esquire Chats: Orlando Bloom

13 years as Legolas. Orlando Bloom on his archery skills and adventures after Middle-earth. Read more

Welcome The Ironists

Caracal returns with a brand new album titled Welcome The Ironists on 18 December, 2014. Read more

Kiss Me Kwek

Ken Kwek, director of the first local film to open the Singapore International Film Festival, talks about the things that “boil his piss”. Read more

Four steps to savouring fine chocolate

How to savour chocolate, the divine gift of Quetzalcoatl, God of wisdom (aka that one piece that costs more than your meal). Read more

Di Marco and Giannini prepares to leave Gucci

Word is out that Gucci's Chief Executive Officer Patrizio di Marco and Creative Director Frida Giannini will be leaving the Italian fashion brand. Read more

What happens after the racing stops

Williams Martini Racing's head of performance engineering Rob Smedley discusses what happens in F1 now the racing has stopped. Read more